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The Best Prices On High Quality Kitchen Pre-Rinse Units / Sprays

Do you need a new Pre-Rinse Unit for your commercial kitchen?

At Catering Equipment Discounters we have a permanent discount structure in place on our Pre-Rinse Hot and Cold Water High Pressure Spray Units.

High quality features sets these Rinse Units apart from the rest!

A: Reinforced at stress point , protects and extends life of hose.
B: Stainless steel hoses with double interlock.
C: Built-in water sealing washer , no need to apply PTFE tape.
D: Scratch Proof Gasket

E: 1.42GPM (5.38LPM) Water Saving Spray Valve.
F: Brass Compression Cartridges with spring check
G: Hand Tighten Easy Installation , no special tool required.
H: Comes with 60cm Inlet hose

Why use a Pre-Rinse Unit in my commercial / domestic kitchen?

A good quality Pre-Rinse Unit is an essential piece of equipment for every busy commercial kitchen. We are in and out of kitchens all day every day doing surveys, quotes and kitchen repairs. On our kitchen service visits we found that the quality of Pre-Rinse units in the market are poor quality, brocken and leaking. 

An operational Pre-Rinse helps to speed up the kitchen process and reduces downtime on your dishwasher. Commercial dishwashers don't drop all of there water each load so the, they are only topped up with fresh water from the rinse cycle in the machine. By manually rinsing your wares before they enter they enter the dishwaher you get the following benifits:

  • Better Final Results
  • Reduced Chemical Costs
  • Reduced Dishwasher Repair Costs
  • Faster Turnaround

We recognise the importance for our customers of having a high quality reliable pre-rinse unit. To help with this we have sourced our own special high quality unit, from a certified manufacturer and are offering them at heavily dicounted prices to ensure our kitchens are set up to work as efficiently as possible.

At Catering Equipment Discounters we are looking for long term relationships with our customers and are here to work for you!